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Hoodie Premium || Hoodie Premium

Premium quality hoodie in Airlume cotton

• Superior quality hoodie 52% Airlume cotton / 48% fleece
• The design of this hoodie offers the best compromise between lightness and comfort
• Created in France. Made in the USA. Printed in Europe

What is Airlume cotton?

The majority of “100% cotton” clothing is made from cotton open-end less expensive and of low quality.

Airlume cotton is the highest quality combed cotton you can find on the market.

This cotton is smoother and more resistant. It has been subjected to an advanced spinning process which removes 2.5 times more impurities than conventional cotton.

Only the best cotton fibers are used in order to have less stray fibers during the spinning process, which results in a uniform and perfectly smooth fabric.

Airlume cotton is smoother, more resistant and has an incomparable softness to the touch. Try it, you will be won over!

Our fabric is dyed in Los Angeles using the most eco-friendly dyes and 7 times less water than conventional clothing manufacturers.

Fair and eco-responsible production

All our articles are guaranteed 100% without clandestine workshops and our production is respectful of the environment

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