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Our Story

Our creations resemble and bring together creators, entrepreneurs and sportspeople.

Jetmindset was in 2018 by an enthusiast with the aim of bringing together all people with a mindset 'Entrepreneur.

Through our collections of T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, posters and other accessories allow entrepreneurs to show who they are and what they do.

Being an Entrepreneur is not a question of results, but of mindset.

Many people dream of becoming an Entrepreneur, but do not dare to pass the course. It must be said that being an entrepreneur is not an easy life.

It is an obstacle course, made of ups and downs, but never routine ...

So if you share values ​​such as initiative, persistence and freedom you can join the Mindset Nation.

Our values: creativity, passion, persistence and freedom.

Excellence is our benchmark

The majority of "100% cotton" T-shirts are made from inexpensive open-end cotton low quality.

We opted for a higher quality Airlume cotton T-shirt.

Airlume cotton is the highest quality cotton you can find on the market.

This cotton is smoother and more resistant. It has undergone an advanced spinning process which removes 2.5 times more impurities than conventional cotton.

Airlume cotton is smoother, more resistant and has an incomparable softness to the touch. Try it, you will be won over!

Our T-shirts are designed in France and made in the USA (and not in China).

We favor quality and ecology over profitability .

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