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100% semi-combed ringspun cotton
Most t-shirts described simply as "100% cotton" are made from a less expensive, less refined open-end cotton, offering good value for a basic t-shirt. Ringspun cotton is smoother and stronger. It has been through a spinning process that softens and straightens each fibre.
Ringspun cotton is very soft and feels like as if it was washed a dozen times already.
Another step-up in quality is the combed ringspun cotton, which is even more refined. After the cotton fibres have been spun, they are combed to remove any impurities or imperfect strands.
Short sleeves
Short sleeves style increase your shoulder width to appear several inches wider. It means that your manly silhouette will look more powerful.
Tubular style
Tubular t-shirts are made without the use of side seams. It means that in the lower part of the torso it is looser. This type of style gives your body more freedom and comfort - let your body breathe naturally.
Elastane rib collar
Round reinforcing tape on neck means that form of the collar will not lose shape after wearing it. Furthermore, elastane rib collar lets you feel more comfortable around your neck without feeling any tension.
Printing technology
We print on clothes and other textiles using the Direct To Garment technology. It is a process by which the image is printed directly onto the fabric surface and after the image is pressed, it becomes a part of the fabric.
Eco paints
Eco "Oeko-Tex" high quality paints are certified and harmless even to a baby's skin.
We guarantee that even after a lot of washing, the image on the t-shirt will not fade and will not lose its quality and shape.
It is the only printing method that perfectly recaptures the finest details of the image and the exact CMYK colours.
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